Typography: Operation Chromite


Operation Chromite is a Korean movie that came out in August of 2016. The movie was based on real life events that took place during the Korean War. The movie was produced by the Taewon Entertainment company.

The image can be found here.


Typeface 1

So for this first typeface we have a Sans Serif font for the main title and for the name of the Director and Production company. You can tell that this is a Sans Serif font by noticing that there are no curves on the edges of the letters at all. It’s all even without any extra marks, or Serifs at all.

Typeface 2

In the Subtitle, the selling point for the movie. the font changes from Sans Serif to Old-style. You can tell by looking at the T’s, R’s and K’s of the sentence, as well as other letters. If you look on the ends you can see the decorative flourish of the serif coming through. You made need to zoom in but it’s there.


The blue lines connect some the contrasting letters. You can see how the main title is plain and even while the subtitle has decorative endings. Nearly every letter is different in the way it looks with a few exceptions. The main difference¬†between the fonts are the serifs. The main title doesn’t have them while the subtitle does. It works. The main title is hard to miss so that will be seen automatically. However, the more decorative Oldstyle font attracts¬†the eye making the reader look harder at it and then having them read the subtitle instead of passing it over.