Typography: Operation Chromite


Operation Chromite is a Korean movie that came out in August of 2016. The movie was based on real life events that took place during the Korean War. The movie was produced by the Taewon Entertainment company.

The image can be found here.


Typeface 1

So for this first typeface we have a Sans Serif font for the main title and for the name of the Director and Production company. You can tell that this is a Sans Serif font by noticing that there are no curves on the edges of the letters at all. It’s all even without any extra marks, or Serifs at all.

Typeface 2

In the Subtitle, the selling point for the movie. the font changes from Sans Serif to Old-style. You can tell by looking at the T’s, R’s and K’s of the sentence, as well as other letters. If you look on the ends you can see the decorative flourish of the serif coming through. You made need to zoom in but it’s there.


The blue lines connect some the contrasting letters. You can see how the main title is plain and even while the subtitle has decorative endings. Nearly every letter is different in the way it looks with a few exceptions. The main difference between the fonts are the serifs. The main title doesn’t have them while the subtitle does. It works. The main title is hard to miss so that will be seen automatically. However, the more decorative Oldstyle font attracts the eye making the reader look harder at it and then having them read the subtitle instead of passing it over.


The Newsroom Final Season Ad Breakdown


The Newsroom was a HBO show that ran from June 2012 to December 2014. The show centered around a fictional TV news crew following news anchor and managing editor Will McAvoy (shown above) and the struggles they have while trying to report the news with the most accuracy possible. Above was the ad HBO ran to promote their 25th and final episode.

Ad can be found here




There’s contrast everywhere on this page. The key contrast points are from top to bottom on both sides of Will McAvoy. On the top you have white light from the studio and on the bottom you have the dark news desk. The light is nearly blinding so you can see the desk as well as the suit that McAvoy is wearing.


Repetition is found across the image again from top to bottom. The white light is a repeating image even after McAvoy interrupts the picture and the desk is the same color of the suit, repeating the color scheme across the picture.


The picture and the words align perfectly. McAvoy has his body split exactly down the middle of the picture on the vertical scale aligning his body dead center. The words are right beneath the middle of the picture on the horizontal scale aligning them to stay in the lower half of the picture and not look out of place. The desk is aligned perfectly horizontal and the words “Final Word” are exactly beneath that line, aligning itself perfectly.


In the picture you can tell that it’s a news desk and McAvoy is the anchor because of how close he is in sitting behind the desk. You can also tell how important that is because that he’s about to speak because the words are not thrown off to the side but exactly behind him. The proximity of the words to McAvoys’ body features that this is his last time speaking behind a news desk for us.


There is not that much color in the ad, but in doing so it enhances the little bit there is. You have McAvoy, his blonde hair and white skin in his signature dark suit sitting at his black almost dark blue desk in front of bright lights that have become familiar with viewers at this point in the series. At the bottom of the image at both corners you have the black and white ACN logo. Throughout the entire image there is this blue tinge that represents the color often seen in the newsroom throughout the entire series.


This ad is simple but powerful and exemplifies the principles of design. Contrast is added through a simple top bottom design. Repetition is seen through out by the image having a continuing color scheme throughout. Alignment is seen by keeping McAvoy in the middle and the words aligned evenly on the lower half of the image. Proximity is seen through how close McAvoy is to the desk and how close the words are to him. The colors that exist in the picture are only there out of necessity. The simplistic design doesn’t take away from the message that the ad is portraying. This is the las time we get to hear McAvoy speak to us from a news desk. It started with McAvoy and it ending with McAvoy.