Magazine Spread: O.U.R. and Fight the New Drug

For this project we had to create a magazine spread from an article from either the BYU-I Scroll, the schools newspaper, or I chose to use an article that I wrote for the Scroll. The article was about an event I covered where the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) Tim Ballard and the founder of Fight the New Drug Clay Olsen met together in Idaho Falls and had a combined presentation about their different organizations and how they were fighting the same fight.

The Design

For the first page I decided to use the cover that Scroll Illustration made for the front page of that weeks edition of the paper. The cover design was excellent in my opinion because it showed that O.U.R. and Fight the New Drug combined forces to fight for one cause: love. That entire night they talked about how pornography destroyed families and how it led to human sex trafficking which destroyed even more families. The presentation shoed that they were fighting the same fight but at different stages of that fight, and the heart showed the unity that these two organizations had.

For the main text color I chose to stick with black. However, for the subheading I chose a light blue. I chose that color cause for me blue represents hope and wisdom, which is what this evening was about. Olsen and Ballard were talking about things that normally people would never talk about or connect one with another. That shows wisdom. The evening was somber but there was hope for change and the world might just get a little better.

For the pictures of Clay Olsen (page 2, bottom) and Tim Ballard (page 3, top) I took those pictures myself at the event.

The Target Audience

My target audience is the entire BYU-I campus, but primarily the men of the campus. In the LDS culture men have a problem with pornography. That isn’t to say that women don’t as well but, more men struggle with that addiction that women do. So I wrote this article and made this magazine spread for them.

The design appeals to them cause it’s simple. The front page gets has the most design and color to catch the eye of the reader. Pages 2-3 were left generally blank as to not exclude any information that was shared that night.