Ad Campaign: Racism stops with me

For this project we had to create a slide show explaining a new ad campaign for a company and advertisement of our choice. For this project I choose an ad from an Anti-Racism campaign that started in Australia.

We were asked to show the logo in our new ad as well as have at least have one slide introducing the company. We were also asked to reverse engineer the original ad and base our new add of of the original. I used the same color scheme and font to show unity between the two ads.

Target Audience

The target audience would be towards people who feel that racism is an issue, but do not know what to do to end it. I made the ad with the idea that the message would show that Racism stops when we ourselves face our own biases and stand with other races. The ad is a call to action towards those that are fine with standing on the sidelines and not doing anything to combat this social issue.

The slides are as follows.



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