Ad Project: Salt and Pepper Shakers, Magazine and TV Ads

For this project we were assigned to create an add with requirements given to us by a random generator. The generator gave me the following.

Product Name: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Gender: Male

Age: 25-34

Relationship: Single

Education: Associates

Income: $90,000+

Media Consumption: Magazines and TV

I built my advertisement around this, and after a few drafts I chose to create salt and pepper shakers that had a light that would ignite when a button was pressed on a key chain.

The Design

Originally when I was working on the add I left a full stoplight on both the shakers and the keychain, but then decided to stick with red and green for the pepper and salt respectively. The idea is basic. When you hit one of the buttons, the light will ignite on the shaker in the spice cabinet.

Later I created an add that would fit on a TV using the dimensions our Professor gave us.

The dimensions were smaller than the original add so I moved the key higher up and covered the phone, realizing that it does not have much to do with the add. Also with the TV ad I chose a simple Sans Serif as the font for the name of the product.

The Target Audience

The ad was made for single males ages 25-34. Now, I fit that category so I started thinking what I, along with a few other men I know in that age bracket would want out of Salt & Pepper shakers. Know, for those actually interested in buying new shakers that aren’t just the run of the mill plastic ones, they tend to cook a lot. They have a lot of spices and tend to have trouble finding the specific spice they are looking for.

So I chose to make a product that would fix that small problem. With the amount of money my target audience is making, $90,000, they have enough to spare on this.


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